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Close Board Fencing Poringland, Norwich

23 Dec 2014

Greenscape completed the installation of close board fencing with concrete posts and gravel boards in Poringland Norwich, Norfolk.

As a domestic fencing contractor Greenscape have installed many hundreds of meters of close board fencing and close board panel fencing throughout Norwich, Norfolk and Suffolk. Close board fencing provides an aesthetically pleasing solution to secure a domestic boundary and is equally cost effective.

In the summer 2014 Greenscape were approached by a homeowner who required the removal of an existing hedgerow along their boundary and a new close board fence to be installed in its place in Poringland, Norwich.
Through consultation with the customer it was decided to install a continuous close board fence secured to concrete posts and gravel boards. The fence would be 1.8m high in the rear garden and 1.2m in the front.

See the before and after photos below: 

Before...                                                                                    After...


Work began, starting with the removal of the declining conifer hedgerow, being mindful of the network of waste pipes which ran adjacent to the hedgerow. Once the hedgerow was removed the team began to install the new fence, first installing the concrete posts and gravel boards and then fastening the feather edge boards using a nail gun to the horizontal cant rails. The close board fencing is finished off with a two-way topped cap.

The customer also required gated access to the property. This was achieved by installing two five bar wooden driveway gates to permit pedestrian and vehicular access.

Before...                                                                                    After...

 For more information on close board fencing in Norwich, Norfolk, Suffolk or the rest of East Anglia please contact Greenscape to discuss your landscaping requirements further.