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Grass seeding a cost effective way to grass a large area where instant impact through turf laying is either not neccessary or cost effective.

Our prefered method of seeding is Hydroseeding for commercial clients and the Aqualawn system for domestic.

Using our experience working in the soft landscaping sector, the team is able to diagnose and rectify the cause of a poor grassed area. Often poor establishment of grasses can be remedied through re-cultivation and seeding. In other circumstances, drainage and site irrigation may need to be controlled, as may perennial weed growth. We assess the need for each of these remedial actions during an initial site visit and preliminary investigation of the grassland before providing a tailor made grass seeding solution for the site.

Working alongside a large range of locally sourced grass seed suppliers the landscaping team at Greenscape offer grass seeding solutions for every area, from hard and soft wearing garden lawns, amenity and sports grassland, paddocks and grazing pastures. 

Previous project experiences have seen the team complete grass seeding within a range of domestic, commerical and agricultural landscapes including arable land, scrub, residential gardens, amenity grasslands, sports fields, equestrian paddocks and grazing pastures. Our grass seeding solutions are equally relevant to the small domestic garden setting, to large open space provision within new developments. 

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30 Sep 2016

Turfing in Attleborough near Norwich, Norfolk

Greenscape completes 1200m2 of turfing in Attleborough near Norwich, Norfolk

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