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Hedgerow Planting, Norwich, Norfolk

16 Dec 2015

 Greenscape completes the repair of a damaged hedgerow through  "instant planting" with large hedge stock near Norwich, Norfolk.

Greenscape were tasked with restoring an established conifer hedgerow which had fallen victim to fire damage. The foliage, branch structure and main stems had all been severely burnt leaving complete replacement of the damaged trees the only option. The hedgerow formed part of a valuable screen from the road for an adjacent residential property. This factor emphasized the need for the replacement of the hedgerow to provide an "instant" screen.

The Damged hedge.

The Landscape team at Greenscape identified the species of the hedge as  "Castle Wellan", a genus of Leylandii. The established hedgerow had been maintained at a height of 4.5m which called for a visit to our supplier who specialised in the growing of specimen plants. Greenscape were able to locate 4.5/5m plants which had been pot grow in 210 lite pots. Planted a 1 per meter the team would be able to successfully reinstate the screen which the hedge provided immediately. 

Once ready to plant the team removed the damaged part of the hedge and began excavating a trench to receive the new stock. Creating a healthy root zone for the new hedge plants would be essential to their establishment. The team excavated a 1m x 1m trench running the length of the hedgerow. This would accommodate the large 210 litre pots and the 50;50 mixture of existing spoil and fresh compost to be back filled around them. When planting new hedge stock it is important not to "spoil" the new stock with just compost. The mixture of new compost and existing soil will encourage the roots to break out of the planting trench and establish into the surrounding soil.

Lifting the compost into the planting pit. 


To further aid the successful establishment of the plants the team installed a system of tensioned steel wires to help brace the plants against strong winds. In addition to this Greenscape installed and irrigation system using perforated hose pipes to prevent drying out in periods of extended drought in the summer months. The application of an ornamental bark mulch is also hugely beneficial in planting operations for a number of reasons. Not only will the bark provide the finishing touch aesthetically but helps as a type of insulation to the soil and roots. Keeping them cool through the summer months reducing water loss and protection from frost throughout the winter. In addition to this the bark helps to suppress growth from competing weeds and grass.