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Great crested newt pond creation, Colchester, Essex.

16 Sep 2013

Greewnway Ecological were commissioned by Hopkins Homes Ltd to create and restore a number of great crested newt breeding ponds within a woodland site near Colchester, Essex as part of the redevelopment of the former Stanway railway sidings. 

Great crested newt ponds were created and restored as part of a great crested newt mitigation licence which required the delivery of additional breeding habitats along with enhancement of existing wildlife ponds. Drawing from experience gained in the ecological consultancy and landscaping sectors the team at Greenway Ecological were able to create a series of interconnected wildlife ponds suitable for the breeding requirements of great crested newts, whilst restoring a number of ponds which were no longer suitably profiled to retain water or meet the habitat requirements of great crested newts.

All works were completed under supervision of Ecologists from Atkins and following the design guidance provided in the English Nature (Natural England) Great Crested Newt Mitigation Guidelines, 2001. Greenway Ecological provided all necessary hard and soft landscaping inputs including all machinery, plant and labour required for the habitat creation and restoration works. 

Great crested newt receptor pond immediately after pond reprofiling... 


Pond planting

Following successful creation and re-profiling of the great crested newt ponds, the ponds were planted with a range of native aquatic plants suitable for great crested newt egg laying, pond oxygenation and visual amenity. The ponds were planted with a range of submerged, emergent and bankside aquatic plants to provide habitats for great crested newts and other wildlife throughout the water column and within the ponds surroundings.

Go Native!

All plants selected for inclusion within the planting scheme were sourced from nurseries which have adopted the Flora Locale and Plantlife's Code of Practice ensuring that only plants of native origin were used.

6 months after planting and the receptor pond supports an abundance of bankside and emergent vegetation suitable for great crested newts and other wildlife...


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