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Tree Felling & Tree Dismantling

Trees suffer from natural diseases just as humans do and when a tree is diseased, damaged or dying remedial tree surgery works or a tree removal service are often required. In certain situations it is not always possible to retain a tree in situ, and often, for reasons of preventing unacceptable risk of harm to people or property, a tree will need to be felled.

Greenscape operates a team of experienced and skilled tree surgeons who provide a tree felling, dismantling and cutting service on behalf of a range of private and commercial clients, providing all necessary labour, machinery and plant including wood chippers and mobile elevating work platforms as required.

See the project example below of a beech tree dismantle undertaken by a tree surgeon at Greenscape...


Contact Greenscape to discuss tree felling and dismantling on your site.

Tree felling and dismantling can be a hazardous operation if not undertaken with careful pre-project planning, following suitable safe working practices and working under the correct, experienced supervision. All the tree felling and dismantling operations undertaken by Greenscape are completed by chainsaw operators who have successfully achieved the NPTC Awards to ’Maintain and operate the chainsaw’ (CS30) and ’Fell and process small trees’ (CS31) as an absolute minimum. All operatives follow a works Method Statement to reduce risk of harm through inappropriate working practices. Tree felling and dismantling poses a number of potential risks which are all evaluated through a Site Risk Assessment, with control measures installed prior to works commencing. Tree felling and dismantling is always completed under the supervision of an appointed First Aider. 

Tree felling in confined spaces near to people’s properties or in areas with restricted access requires sectional dismantling of a tree with the use of tree roping and rigging techniques to safely lower branches to the ground. Where tree dismantling requires works to be completed aerially from within the tree canopy Greenscape uses a team of chainsaw operators with the relevant NPTC Awards to ’Climb trees and perform aerial rescue’ (CS38) and ’Use of a chainsaw from a rope and harness’ (CS39). 

For tree felling and dismantling requiring aerial tree works or work in confined spaces contact Greenscape.

Tree Dismantling and Bats

Around three quarters of British bat species are known to roost in trees, making use of natural cracks, crevices and hollows within a tree. 

In instances where a tree with a confirmed bat roost, or potential to support roosting bats, is required for removal, Greenscape can assist in the felling and dismantling of the tree ensuring that ‘soft felling’ techniques are followed and that suitable limbs are removed during the best time of year and using the most sensitive of tree felling methods to prevent risk of harm to protected bats and roosts. Tree features suitable for roosting bats can also be removed and carefully secured on another nearby tree to retain the roosting feature for bats. 

To ensure compliance with relevant European legislation protecting bats and their roosts, any tree felling works undertaken by Greenscape is done so following an approved Method Statement from a Natural England mitigation licence. The arboricultural team at Greenscapel work closely with the project’s appointed Ecologist to provide all the necessary labour, machinery and plant to ensure that tree felling/surgery can continue without adverse risk of harm to bats. 

Contact Greenscape to discuss soft tree felling and tree surgery on trees with bats present. 


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