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Hedgerow Planting & Management

Hedgerows are an integral part of the British countryside and a vital asset in our cultural and landscape heritage.

Hedgerows provide a number of benefits to our agriculture, wildlife and enjoyment of the countryside. Greenway Ecological completes hedgerow planting and hedgerow management on behalf of a range of commercial, domestic and agricultural clients.

Contact Greenscape to discuss hedgerow planting or hedgerow management on your site.

Hedgerow planting

Greenscape completes all necessary tree and shrub planting on behalf of clients wishing to lay an entirely new hedgerow or simply ‘gap up’ an existing hedgerow network. 

Our hedgerow planting is focused primarily with the planting of native tree and shrub species as these have greatest benefit to local biodiversity, although we recognise that shelter or security can be overriding factors and in these circumstances we can advise on suitable nursery stock to satisfy your hedgerow planting needs.

Our flexible approach to hedgerow planting means that we can plant hedgerows within a range of settings from agricultural farms needing to control livestock or shelter crops, to commercial premises needing aesthetic hedgerow planting, through to natural settings where ecological value is priority.

Instant hedging

One of the most common requests for new hedgerow planting from our customers is for that of an 'instant hedgerow'. Planting a new hedgerow that will have an instant impact is a favoured approach for those looking to inject new aesthetics into an area practically overnight.

To provide instant hedging, the landscaping team use a larger planting stock and an increased planting density. Instant hedgerows are available in a range of varieties of which the team at Greenscape can help to advise you on the best hedgerow stock to plant. Hedgerows are generally most cost effective to install througout the winter months when bare root and root balled stock is available. 

To assist with water supply during the hedgerow's establishment phase, which is critical to a hedgerow's success, the team is able to supply and install drip feed irrigation systems to ensure the developing stock is suitably watered.

Hedgerow management

Greenscape completes hedgerow management that is sympathetic to the longevity of a hedgerow, ensuring hedgerows are not ‘over’ or ‘under’ managed. We employ a team of arboriculturalists and landscapers who can undertake hedgerow management on a regular maintenance regime to ensure that hedgerows continue to serve their purpose for livestock, wildlife and visual amenity. 

Using a range of hedgerow cutting techniques the team at Greenscape is able to cut, trim and restore small to large hedgerows. For clients wishing to employ traditional hedgerow management, Greenscape can complete hedgerow laying which will thicken and strengthen hedgerows and prevent hedgerows becoming ‘leggy’ and top heavy. Hedgrow laying not only creates beautiful hedgerows that will persist long term, but has considerable benefits to wildlife by providing opportunities for breeding, shelter and dispersal within the thick base of the hedgerow.

Contact Greenscape for more information on hedgerow planting and hedgerow management.

16 Dec 2015

Hedgerow Planting, Norwich, Norfolk

Greenwayscape completes 'instant' hedging project in Norwich, Norfolk.

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