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Crown Thinning, Lifting & Reduction

Greenscape provides a number of tree pruning operations to care, protect and enhance your trees. 

All our tree care operations are undertaken by NTPC certified chainsaw operators who hold Awards to ‘Maintain and operate the chainsaw’ (CS30) and ‘Fell and process small trees’ (CS31). Further to our ability to complete tree works from the ground, the team at Greenscape also includes a number of chainsaw operators which hold the relevant NPTC qualifications to complete aerial tree works including ‘Climb trees and perform aerial rescue’ (CS38) and ‘Use of a chainsaw from a rope and harness’ (CS39), allowing us to complete tree felling and surgery works from within the tree canopy as well as from the ground.

Contact Greenscape to discuss your trees and how we can help care for them, alternatively read on for more information about the tree care provided by the team.

Crown thinning

Crown thinning to remove smaller/tertiary branches from within the canopy will allow more light to pass through a tree’s canopy, reducing shade on the ground below. It can remove dead, weak or overlapping branches from within the crown for reasons of tree surgery or health and safety. Crown thinning does not alter the overall size or shape of a tree.

Thinning the crown allows valuable sunlight to penetrate through the tree. This will not only make your woodland or trees less dark and shady but will greatly benefit woodland wildflowers which will thrive in the increased sunlight hours! Crown thinning also helps to reduce wind resistance.

Contact Greenscape to discuss crown thinning on your site.

Crown lifting

Where light levels to areas close to the tree are low, or there is restricted access under the crown, crown lifting can be completed which involves the removal of the lowest branches of the crown to ‘lift’ the height of the crown. Greenscape complete all our crown lifts to a specified height in metres agreed with the client so you know how far we will go. Crown lifts are avoided on mature trees or to large branches growing directly from the main trunk as this can lead to extensive decay and long term stress and injury to the tree.

Contact Greenscape to discuss crown lifting on your site.

Crown reduction

Crown reductions reduce the top canopy of a tree, it refers to the reduction in the height and/or spread of the crown (the foliage bearing portions) of a tree. Crown reductions activate mechanical stress on the branches which cuts are applied to, leading to a reduction in their growth and consequently a crown reduction.

Crown reductions can be completed to increase light to a property or to a woodland floor. Crown reductions can be employed to trees that are becoming a hazard, for example those underneath overhead power lines or cables, and can be used to reduce the risk of wind/storm damage to a heavy or dense canopy. Crown reductions primarily make a tree more suited to its immediate environment whilst retaining the main framework of the crown, thus enhancing the tree’s life long term.

Contact Greenscape to discuss crown reduction on your site.


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